Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Calling in the Troops! Ainsley's Army!

We are so excited to announce that the wrist bands have arrived!  They say "Ainsley's Army" with ribbons on each side.  They are orange and white.  ORANGE is the color of Leukemia awareness (and is not necessarily an endorsement of any particular college or pro athletic team...although OSU, Boise State, and the Denver Bronco fans around certainly won't complain I'm sure ;-) )  The Orange and White camouflage is for the Army effect.

So here is the mission objective!  We are so grateful for the outpouring of help and offers to help!   My cousin's son, Lincoln is fighting Lymphoma and has Team Linx bracelets (  It has been so fun to watch as people have taken the bracelets to fun places in the community and around the world!  We want you to take creative pictures with your bracelets on and send them to us!  Share them with your friends!  We'll post them on her facebook or blog and she'll be able to see all of us that stand with her!  We will mark the places the bracelets have been on a map for Ainsley to watch her Army grow over the next 2.5 years.  This little girl is such an inspiration to us and hope that she can inspire others around her.  Thanks for joining us on this journey!  We couldn't do it without all of you!

We want to especially thank and recognize our dear friend Dan Vance, and his team at Elevate Promo.  Jenny and Dan have been friends since childhood and his company is based in Provo, Utah.  I'm going to go ahead and shout out his company because we are so pleased with what they have done for us!  (Hope you are okay with that Dan ;-) )  They have a video on their website that will show you just a glimpse of what they can do.  I agree with what their website says: "Elevate is Utah's premier promotional products company.  [They] specialize in providing unique promotional marketing solutions, from custom branded polos to specific company logo products and programs developed to increase sales.  However, [they] do more than just supply you with top-of-the-line branded promotional products, [they] help you put the swag in swagger!"  I'm a huge fan and was amazed at the things they can do!  You can visit them at this link:


  1. Hey everyone! Grandma Sue is headed back to Utah on Friday (3/29) and can bring some home if you don't want to have them shipped. Much love to all of you and thanks for your support! Your messages, emails, and texts help to lift us!

  2. We would like one for me. I would like Sue to bring it back. Thanks. I will get on the site and donate. Aunt Julie

  3. I bought two, so I will need one more for Sue to bring back. Thanks.

  4. Kirsten and I are excited to get some! We'll just pretend say they aren't OSU orange;)

  5. Hello, Sweet Jenny!!
    Love this so much!! Is it too late for Sue to bring back 4? I would love to get one to Judd in the MTC before he leaves--Chile can be on the map! We love you guys so much!
    Aunt Jan

  6. Hello Jenny. I pray and hope that each day is a good day for everyone in your family. I will take some to Weber State. My office will support the cause. I love you more than words can say. May you all have a happy easter. All my love. Dad